Data Privacy

Oranger Rädlinger Pritschenfahrzeug vor Rohbau eines Logistikzentrums

We take data protection seriously

We take the protection of your privacy in the processing of your personal data seriously. When you visit our website, our web servers store the IP address of your internet service provider, the website you visited prior to visiting ours, the individual pages you visit on our website, as well as the date and duration of your visit. This information is compulsory for the technical transmission of the websites and secure server operation. A personalised analysis of this data is not conducted.

Insofar as you send us data using the contact form, such data shall be stored on our servers as part of the data back-up process. Your data are exclusively used so that we are able to process your request. Your data shall be handled strictly confidentially. The data shall not be forwarded to third parties.

Responsible department

Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH
Rädlinger Allee 1
D-93413 Cham
Tel.: +49 9971 4003-0

Personal data

Personal data are data about you. This includes your name, your address and your e-mail address. You do not need to disclose any of your personal data to visit our website. In some cases, we require your name and address as well as additional information to be able to offer you the desired services.

The same applies if we forward informational material to you, or if we reply to your inquiries. In these cases, we shall at all times point that out to you. Furthermore, we only store the data that you have provided to us automatically or voluntarily.

If you select one of our services, we shall only collect the data required to render our service. We may ask you for further information, the provision of which is, however, voluntary. Whenever we process personal data, we do this to render our service or pursue our commercial interests.

Automatically stored data

Log server files

The provider of the pages automatically collects and stores information in so-called log server files that your browser automatically forwards to us. These are:

  • Date and time of the enquiry

  • Name of the requested file

  • Page from which the file was requested

  • Access status (file transferred, file not found etc.),

  • Used web browser and operating system

  • Complete IP address of the requesting computer

  • Transferred data quantity

Such data shall not be merged with other data sources. Processing applies in accordance with Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR, based on our legitimate interest in improving the stability and functionality of our website.  

We store this data for a short period of time for reasons of technical security, in particular to ward off attempted attacks on our web server. We are unable to draw conclusions about individual persons based on such data. After seven days at the latest, the data are anonymised by shortening the IP address at domain level so that establishing a link with an individual user is no longer possible. The data are also processed in anonymised form for statistical purposes. The data are not compared with other data or forwarded to third parties, including in extracts. The number of page views made is only presented as part of our server statistics, which we publish every two years in our activity report.


When you visit our website pages, we may store information on your computer in the form of Cookies. Many Cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A Cookie ID is a unique Cookie identifier. It is made up of a string of characters by way of which internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific internet browser in which the Cookie was stored. This enables the websites and servers visited to distinguish the individual browser of the person concerned from other internet browsers that contain other Cookies. A specific internet browser can be recognised and identified via the unique Cookie ID.

By way of using session Cookies, the controller can provide the users of this website with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the Cookie setting. Without consent, we only use technically necessary Cookies on the legal basis of legitimate interest in accordance with Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR.

We only use personal Cookies to improve our website or for marketing / advertising purposes with your consent. On your first visit, you can voluntarily agree to tracking or analysis by clicking on the Cookie banner. Your data may be forwarded to partners or third party providers. These Cookies shall only be stored if you explicitly agree to this. In that case, the legal basis is your consent in accordance with Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR.

You can change your settings for the use of Cookies here at any time.

Establishing contact

When contacting us (e.g. via contact form, e-mail, telephone or social media), the information provided by the person making the enquiry is processed insofar as this is necessary to respond to the contact enquiries and any measures requested.

The response to contact enquiries in the context of contractual or pre-contractual relationships is undertaken to honour our contractual obligations or respond to (pre)contractual enquiries and otherwise on the basis of the legitimate interests in responding to the enquiries.

  • Types of data processed: inventory data (e.g. names, addresses), contact data (e.g. e-mail, telephone numbers) and content data (e.g. entries in online forms).

  • Data subjects: Communication partner

  • Processing purposes: Contact requests and communication

  • Legal basis: Contract performance and pre-contractual enquiries (Article 6(1), Point (b), GDPR), Legitimate interests (Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR)

Online applications

In the context of online applications for jobs advertised by us or unsolicited applications, your data shall be stored and evaluated for the purposes of the application process using the Recruitee Programme. An order processing agreement has been entered into with Recruitee B.V., Keizersgracht 313, 1016 EE Amsterdam, Netherlands, in accordance with Article 28, GDPR.

Your data shall only be processed for the purpose of handling the application process.

If you send us an interesting application but there is no suitable position available at the moment, in individual cases we would also like to keep a copy of your application documents beyond the duration of a single application procedure. In such a case, however, we shall first obtain your consent. Further information about the processing applicant data can be found in the data protection policy of the online applicant tool.


This website uses the Algolia search technology. The provider is Algolia lnc., 589 Howard Street, Suite 5, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA.

When using the search function, your search request is forwarded to one of our servers, which in turn makes a request to an Algolia server. This means that your IP address is not forwarded to the manufacturer.

Use of the Algolia search is in the interest of good accessibility and easy location of our online offers. This constitutes a justified interest within the meaning of Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR.

Further information about the handling of user data can be found in Algolia’s data protection policy.


Our website uses Speedcurve, a service provided by SpeedCurve Limited, 36 Valley Road, Titirangi, Auckland 0604, New Zealand. The data collected from our users includes used IP addresses, device types, operating systems and browsers. Speedcurve is used by us to measure the loading speeds on our websites (known as pagespeed performance). The tests to measure the loading speeds are not performed using artificially generated page impressions but by way of real users who are actually on our websites at the time. This enables us to improve the user experience of our website by way of targeted technical optimisation measures.

The legal basis for the use is your consent in accordance with Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR.

For New Zealand, an adequacy decision of the EU applies, which is considered a guarantee according to Article 44, GDPR.

You will find more information about data protection at Speedcurve here.

Microsoft Bookings

Our website uses the Microsoft Bookings service (part of Microsoft 365) of the provider Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Microsoft”) for online appointment booking.

The software enables you to book an appointment for a consultation or event. A connection to the service is only established when you call up the online booking function via a link or button on our website.

Your entries in the appointment form are forwarded to Microsoft to make an appointment. Potential data transfer to the USA is secured by use of the EU standard contractual clauses and by applying additional guarantees. Further information about the handling of your data can be found in Microsoft’s Data Protection Policy.

The legal basis for the provision of the Microsoft Bookings service is Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR (legitimate interest in data processing). The legitimate interest results from our claim to offer you a user-friendly website and give you the opportunity to make an appointment with us quickly and easily at any time if required.

We draw your attention to the fact that you do not undertake to use Microsoft Bookings to make an appointment. If you do not wish to use the service, please use one of the other contact options offered to make an appointment. The legal basis for the processing of your data by sending the form is Article 6(1) Point (f), GDPR.


This website uses plug-ins of the Vimeo video portal. The provider is Vimeo Inc., 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011, USA.

A connection to the Vimeo servers is established when you visit one of our pages equipped with Vimeo videos. In that respect, the Vimeo server is informed of the pages of our website that you have visited. Vimeo also obtains your IP address. However, we have set Vimeo in such a way that Vimeo shall not track your user activities and shall not set any Cookies.

Vimeo is used in the interest of an appealing presentation of our online services. This constitutes a justified interest within the meaning of Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR. Insofar as corresponding consent has been requested, data are processed exclusively on the basis of Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR. Consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Data forwarding to the USA is based on the standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission and, according to Vimeo, on “legitimate business interests.” Details can be found here.

Please see the Vimeo Data Protection Policy for more information about user data.

Google Analytics (4)

This website uses the functions of the web analysis service Google Analytics. The provider is Google Ireland Limited (“Google”), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Google Analytics enables the website operator to analyse the behaviour of website visitors. In doing so, the website operator receives various usage data, such as page views, length of stay, operating systems used and the origin of the user. Such data are summarised in a user ID and assigned to the respective end device of the website visitor.

Furthermore, Google Analytics allows us to record your mouse and scroll movements and clicks, among other things. In addition, Google Analytics uses various modelling approaches to supplement the data records collected and uses machine learning technologies in the data analysis.

Google Analytics uses technologies that enable the recognition of users for the purpose of analysing user behaviour (e.g. Cookies or device fingerprinting). The information collected by Google about the use of this website is usually forwarded to a Google server in the USA and stored there. The processing is based on your consent (Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR or Section 25(1), TTDSG (German Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act). Consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Forwarding data to the US is based on the standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission. Details can be found here.

Google reCAPTCHA

We use Google reCAPTCHA (hereinafter “reCAPTCHA”) on this website. The provider is Google Ireland Limited (“Google”), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

The purpose of reCAPTCHA is to check whether the data input on this website (e.g. in a contact form) is made by a human being or by an automated programme. To that end, reCAPTCHA analyses the behaviour of the website visitor on the basis of various characteristics. This analysis begins automatically as soon as the website visitor enters the website. For the analysis, reCAPTCHA evaluates various information (e.g. IP address, time spent by the website visitor on the website or mouse movements made by the user). The data collected during the analysis are forwarded to Google.

The reCAPTCHA analyses run entirely in the background. Website visitors are not informed that an analysis is taking place.

The storage and analysis of the data are based on Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in protecting its web offers from abusive automated spying and from spam. If corresponding consent has been requested, data are processed exclusively on the basis of Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR, and Section 25(1), TTDSG, insofar as the consent includes the storage of Cookies or access to information in the user’s terminal device (e.g. device fingerprinting) as defined by TTDSG. Consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Please refer to the Google Data Protection Policy and the Google Terms of Use for further information about Google reCAPTCHA.

Google Ads

The website operator uses Google Ads. Google Ads is an online advertising programme of Google Ireland Limited (“Google”), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Google Ads enables us to display advertisements in the Google search engine or on third party websites when the user enters certain search terms on Google (keyword targeting). Furthermore, targeted advertisements can be played on the basis of the user data available at Google (e.g. location data and interests) (target group targeting). As the website operator, we can evaluate this data quantitatively by analysing, for example, which search terms have led to the display of our advertisements and how many advertisements have led to corresponding clicks.

Use of this service is based on your consent in accordance with Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR or Section 25(1), TTDSG. Consent may be withdrawn at any time. Forwarding data to the US is based on the standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission. Details can be found here and here.

Facebook Pixel

This website uses the visitor action pixel from Facebook to measure conversions. The provider of this service is Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland. However, according to Facebook, the data collected are also forwarded to the USA and other third countries.

This means the behaviour of page visitors can be tracked after they have been redirected to the provider’s website by clicking on a Facebook ad. This allows the effectiveness of the Facebook ads to be evaluated for statistical and market research purposes and future advertising measures to be optimised.

The data collected are anonymous for us as the operator of this website. We cannot draw any conclusions about the identity of the users. However, the data are stored and processed by Facebook so that a connection to the respective user profile is possible and Facebook can use the data for its own advertising purposes in accordance with the Facebook Data Usage Guideline. This enables Facebook to place advertisements on Facebook pages as well as outside of Facebook. Such use of the data cannot be influenced by us as site operator.

Use of this service is based on your consent in accordance with Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR or Section 25(1), TTDSG. Consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Forwarding data to the US is based on the standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission. Details can be found here and here.

Insofar as personal data are collected on our website by way of the tool described here and forwarded to Facebook, we and Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland, are jointly responsible for such data processing (Article 26, GDPR). The joint responsibility is limited exclusively to the collection of the data and forwarding such  to Facebook. The processing by Facebook that takes place after the forwarding is not part of the joint responsibility. The obligations jointly incumbent on us have been set out in a joint processing agreement. The text of the agreement can be found here. According to this agreement, we are responsible for providing the data protection information when using the Facebook tool and for implementing the tool on our website in a way that is secure from a data protection perspective. Facebook is responsible for the data security of the Facebook products. You can assert data subject rights (e.g. requests for information) regarding the data processed by Facebook directly with Facebook. If you assert the data subject rights with us, we undertake to forward them to Facebook.

You can find further information about protecting your privacy in Facebook’s data protection notices.

You can also deactivate the “Custom Audiences” remarketing function in the Ad Settings section. To do this, you must be logged in to Facebook.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can disable Facebook’s usage-based advertising on the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance website.

Google Tag Manager

We use the Google Tag Manager. The provider is Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

The Google Tag Manager is a tool that enables us to integrate tracking or statistical tools and other technologies on our website. The Google Tag Manager itself does not create user profiles, does not store Cookies and does not perform any independent analyses. It is merely aimed at managing and playing out the tools integrated via  Google Tag Manager. However, the Google Tag Manager records your IP address, which may also be forwarded to Google’s parent company in the United States.

Use of the Google Tag Manager is based on Article 6(1), Point (f), GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in quick and uncomplicated integration and management of various tools on its website. If corresponding consent has been requested, data are processed exclusively on the basis of Article 6(1), Point (a), GDPR, and Section 25(1), TTDSG, insofar as the consent includes the storage of Cookies or access to information in the user’s terminal device (e.g. device fingerprinting) as defined by TTDSG. Consent may be withdrawn at any time.


This website uses Cookie consent technology from Usercentrics to obtain your consent to the placing of certain Cookies on your terminal or for use of certain technologies and document such action in line with data protection requirements. The provider of this technology is Usercentrics GmbH, Sendlinger Straße 7, D-80331 Munich (hereinafter “Usercentrics”).

When you enter our website, the following personal data are transferred to Usercentrics:

  • Your consent or withdrawal of your consent

  • The IP address

  • Information about your browser

  • Information about your terminal device

  • Time of your website visit

Furthermore, Usercentrics stores a Cookie in your browser to allocate the consent granted or withdrawal by you. The data recorded in this manner are stored until you request that it be deleted, you erase the Usercentrics Cookie or the purpose for the data storage no longer applies. This does not affect statutory, storage obligations.

Usercentrics is used to obtain the legally required consent for the use of certain technologies. Article 6(1), Point (c), GDPR, forms the legal basis in this respect.

We have entered into a contract on order processing (OP) in accordance with Article 28, GDPR, with the aforementioned provider. This is a contract required by data protection law, which ensures that the provider only processes the personal data of our website visitors according to our instructions and in compliance with GDPR.

Online channels on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Xing

Insofar as you have granted your consent to the respective social media operator in accordance with Article 6(1), Sentence 1, Point (a), GDPR, when you visit our online channels on the social media stated above, your data shall be automatically collected and stored for market research and advertising purposes, from which usage profiles shall be created using pseudonyms. These can be used, for example, to place advertisements within and outside the platforms that presumably correspond to your interests. Cookies are generally used for this purpose. For detailed information about the processing and use of data by the respective social media operator, as well as a contact option and your rights and setting options in this regard to protect your privacy, please refer to the data protection notices of the providers linked below: Should you still require assistance in this regard, you can contact us.


We have taken technical and administrative security precautions to protect your personal data from loss, erasure, manipulation and unauthorised access. All of our employees – as well as the service providers working for us – undertake to comply with the valid data protection laws.

Whenever we collect and process personal data, such data are encrypted before being transferred by us. That means that your data shall not be manipulated or misused by third parties. Our security precautions are thereby subject to a continuous improvement process and our data protection policies are constantly updated. Please ensure that you have the latest version.

Data subjects’ rights

You have a right to information, correction, erasure or restriction of the processing of your stored data at any time, a right to object to the processing as well as a right to data portability and lodge a complaint in accordance with the data protection law requirements.

Right to information

You can request information from us as to whether and to what extent we process your data.

Right to rectification

If we process your data that are incomplete or incorrect, you can demand that we correct or complete it at any time.

Right to erasure

You can ask us to erase your data if we are processing such data unlawfully or if the processing disproportionately interferes with your legitimate interests in protection. Please note that there may be reasons that prevent immediate erasure, e.g. in the case of legally regulated storage obligations.

Irrespective of the exercise of your right to erasure, we shall delete your data immediately and completely, insofar as there is no legal or statutory obligation to retain data in this respect.

Right to restriction of processing

You may request us to restrict the processing of your data if

  • you dispute the accuracy of the data for a period of time that allows us to verify the accuracy of the data,

  • the processing of the data is unlawful but you object to erasure and request restriction of data use instead,

  • we no longer need the data for the intended purpose but you still need such  data to assert or defend legal claims, or

  • you have objected to the processing of the data.

Right to data portability

You may request that we provide you with the data you have made available to us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and that you may forward such data to another controller without hindrance from us provided

  • we process such data on the basis of revocable consent granted by you or to exercise a contract between us, and

  • this processing occurs with the aid of automated procedures.

If technically feasible, you may ask us to forward your data directly to another controller.

Right to object

If we process your data for legitimate interest, you may object to such data processing at any time. This would also apply to profiling based on these provisions. We shall then no longer process your data unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing that override your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing is for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. You may object to the processing of your data for the purpose of direct marketing at any time without stating reasons.

Right to complain

If you are of the opinion that we are violating German or European data protection law in processing your data, please contact us so that we can clarify any questions. Of course, you also have the right to contact the supervisory authority responsible for you, the respective state office for data protection supervision.

If you wish to assert any of the aforementioned rights against us, please contact our data protection officer. In case of doubt, we may request additional information to confirm your identity.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to alter or amend our Data Protection Policies if this becomes necessary based on new technologies. Please ensure that you have the latest version. If any fundamental changes are made to this Data Protection Policy, then we will post these to our website.

All visitors to our website who have any data privacy-related questions can reach us at:

Christian Volkmer
Projekt 29 GmbH & Co. KG
Ostengasse 14
D-93047 Regensburg

Tel.:  +49 41 2986930
Fax:  +49 41 29869316

Datenschutzerklärung für Gewinnspiele

Wir nehmen Datenschutz ernst


Der Schutz Ihrer Privatsphäre bei der Verarbeitung persönlicher Daten ist für uns ein wichtiges Anliegen.




Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH

Rädlinger Allee 1

93413 Cham

Tel.: +49 9971 4003-0



Personenbezogene Daten


Personenbezogene Daten sind Daten über Ihre Person. Diese beinhalten Ihren Namen und Kontaktdaten, z.B. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse. Wir erheben diese Daten für ihre Teilnahme bzw. zum Zweck der Durchführung des Gewinnspiels und wenn sie es uns im Formular erlauben auch für die Kontaktaufnahme im Rahmen von Recruiting Maßnahmen.

Nach der Ziehung der Gewinner und Abwicklung des Gewinnspiels werden Ihre Daten gelöscht.

Ausgenommen davon sind Personen, die uns die Kontaktaufnahme erlaubt haben.

Wir erlauben uns sie entsprechend im Rahmen von Recruiting Maßnahmen zu kontaktieren und Ihre Daten dann nach Zweckverfall zu löschen.

Über den vorgenannten Umfang hinaus werden wir ihre Teilnehmerdaten nicht für andere Zwecke verwenden, weitergeben oder verkaufen.



Automatisch gespeicherte Daten




Der Provider der Seiten erhebt und speichert automatisch Informationen in so genannten Server-Log-Dateien, die Ihr Browser automatisch an uns übermittelt. Dies sind:


  • Datum und Uhrzeit der Anforderung

  • Name der angeforderten Datei

  • Seite, von der aus die Datei angefordert wurde

  • Zugriffsstatus (Datei übertragen, Datei nicht gefunden, etc.)

  • verwendeter Webbrowser und verwendetes Betriebssystem

  • vollständige IP-Adresse des anfordernden Rechners

  • übertragene Datenmenge


Eine Zusammenführung dieser Daten mit anderen Datenquellen wird nicht vorgenommen. Die Verarbeitung erfolgt gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO auf Basis unseres berechtigten Interesses an der Verbesserung der Stabilität und Funktionalität unserer Website.   

Aus Gründen der technischen Sicherheit, insbesondere zur Abwehr von Angriffsversuchen auf unseren Webserver, werden diese Daten von uns kurzzeitig gespeichert. Ein Rückschluss auf einzelne Personen ist uns anhand dieser Daten nicht möglich. Nach spätestens sieben Tagen werden die Daten durch Verkürzung der IP-Adresse auf Domain-Ebene anonymisiert, so dass es nicht mehr möglich ist, einen Bezug zum einzelnen Nutzer herzustellen. In anonymisierter Form werden die Daten daneben zu statistischen Zwecken verarbeitet; ein Abgleich mit anderen Datenbeständen oder eine Weitergabe an Dritte, auch in Auszügen, findet nicht statt. Lediglich im Rahmen unserer Serverstatistik, die wir alle zwei Jahre in unserem Tätigkeitsbericht veröffentlichen, findet eine Darstellung der Anzahl der Seitenaufrufe statt.




Wenn Sie unsere Internetseiten besuchen speichern wir möglicherweise Informationen auf Ihrem Computer in Form von Cookies. Viele Cookies enthalten eine sogenannte Cookie-ID. Eine Cookie-ID ist eine eindeutige Kennung des Cookies. Sie besteht aus einer Zeichenfolge, durch welche Internetseiten und Server dem konkreten Internetbrowser zugeordnet werden können, in dem das Cookie gespeichert wurde. Dies ermöglicht es den besuchten Internetseiten und Servern, den individuellen Browser der betroffenen Person von anderen Internetbrowsern, die andere Cookies enthalten, zu unterscheiden. Ein bestimmter Internetbrowser kann über die eindeutige Cookie-ID wiedererkannt und identifiziert werden.


Durch den Einsatz von Session-Cookies kann der Verantwortliche den Nutzern dieser Internetseite einen nutzerfreundlichen Service bereitstellen, der ohne die Setzung von Cookies nicht möglich wäre. Ohne Einwilligung verwenden wir lediglich technisch notwendige Cookies auf der Rechtsgrundlage des berechtigten Interesses gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO.




Wir haben technische und administrative Sicherheitsvorkehrungen getroffen um Ihre personenbezogenen Daten gegen Verlust, Zerstörung, Manipulation und unautorisierten Zugriff zu schützen. All unsere Mitarbeiter sowie für uns tätige Dienstleister sind auf die gültigen Datenschutzgesetze verpflichtet.


Wann immer wir personenbezogene Daten sammeln und verarbeiten werden diese verschlüsselt bevor sie übertragen werden. Das heißt, dass Ihre Daten nicht von Dritten missbraucht werden können. Unsere Sicherheitsvorkehrungen unterliegen dabei einem ständigen Verbesserungsprozess und unsere Datenschutzerklärungen werden ständig überarbeitet. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihnen die aktuellste Version vorliegt.




Sie haben jederzeit ein Recht auf Auskunft, Berichtigung, Löschung oder Einschränkung der Verarbeitung Ihrer gespeicherten Daten, ein Widerspruchsrecht gegen die Verarbeitung sowie ein Recht auf Datenübertragbarkeit und auf Beschwerde gemäß den Voraussetzungen des Datenschutzrechts.


Recht auf Auskunft:

Sie können von uns eine Auskunft verlangen, ob und in welchem Ausmaß wir Ihre Daten verarbeiten.

Recht auf Berichtigung:

Verarbeiten wir Ihre Daten, die unvollständig oder unrichtig sind, so können Sie jederzeit deren Berichtigung bzw. deren Vervollständigung von uns verlangen.

Recht auf Löschung:

Sie können von uns die Löschung Ihrer Daten verlangen, sofern wir diese unrechtmäßig verarbeiten oder die Verarbeitung unverhältnismäßig in Ihre berechtigten Schutzinteressen eingreift. Bitte beachten Sie, dass es Gründe geben kann, die einer sofortigen Löschung entgegenstehen, z.B. im Fall von gesetzlich geregelten Aufbewahrungspflichten.

Unabhängig von der Wahrnehmung Ihres Rechts auf Löschung, werden wir Ihre Daten umgehend und vollständig löschen, soweit keine diesbezügliche rechtsgeschäftliche oder gesetzliche Aufbewahrungspflicht entgegensteht.

Recht auf Einschränkung der Verarbeitung:

Sie können von uns die Einschränkung der Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten verlangen, wenn

-              Sie die Richtigkeit der Daten bestreiten, und zwar für eine Dauer, die es uns ermöglicht, die Richtigkeit der Daten zu überprüfen.

-              die Verarbeitung der Daten unrechtmäßig ist, Sie aber eine Löschung ablehnen und stattdessen eine Einschränkung der Datennutzung verlangen,

-              wir die Daten für den vorgesehenen Zweck nicht mehr benötigen, Sie diese Daten aber noch zur Geltendmachung oder Verteidigung von Rechtsansprüchen brauchen, oder

-              Sie Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung der Daten eingelegt haben.

Recht auf Datenübertragbarkeit:

Sie können von uns verlangen, dass wir Ihnen Ihre Daten, die Sie uns bereitgestellt haben, in einem strukturierten, gängigen und maschinenlesbaren Format zur Verfügung stellen und dass Sie diese Daten einem anderen Verantwortlichen ohne Behinderung durch uns übermitteln können, sofern

-              wir diese Daten aufgrund einer von Ihnen erteilten und widerrufbaren Zustimmung oder zur Erfüllung eines Vertrages zwischen uns verarbeiten, und

-              diese Verarbeitung mithilfe automatisierter Verfahren erfolgt.

Bei technischer Machbarkeit können Sie von uns eine direkte Übermittlung Ihrer Daten an einen anderen Verantwortlichen verlangen.


Verarbeiten wir Ihre Daten aus berechtigtem Interesse, so können Sie gegen diese Datenverarbeitung jederzeit Widerspruch einlegen; dies würde auch für ein auf diese Bestimmungen gestütztes Profiling gelten. Wir verarbeiten dann Ihre Daten nicht mehr, es sei denn, wir können zwingende schutzwürdige Gründe für die Verarbeitung nachweisen, die Ihre Interessen, Rechte und Freiheiten überwiegen oder die Verarbeitung dient der Geltendmachung, Ausübung oder Verteidigung von Rechtsansprüchen. Der Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten zum Zweck der Direktwerbung können Sie jederzeit ohne Angabe von Gründen widersprechen.


Sind Sie der Meinung, dass wir bei der Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten gegen deutsches oder europäisches Datenschutzrecht verstoßen, so bitten wir Sie, mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen, um Fragen aufklären zu können. Sie haben selbstverständlich auch das Recht, sich an die für Sie zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde, das jeweilige Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht, zu wenden.

Sofern Sie eines der genannten Rechte uns gegenüber geltend machen wollen, so wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Datenschutzbeauftragten. Im Zweifel können wir zusätzliche Informationen zur Bestätigung Ihrer Identität anfordern.


Änderungen dieser Datenschutzerklärung


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