Gender Disclaimer

Blue sheet of paper on which is written in orange lettering, "We address all people equally."

The following Gender Disclaimer applies to this homepage and our social media channels.

For reasons of better legibility, the masculine form of language (generic masculine) is still used in part on this homepage and our social media channels. The descriptions of persons refer, at all times, to female, male and various persons at the same time. The abbreviated form of language is based exclusively on editorial reasons and does not imply any valuation. We attach importance to presenting the homepage in a gender-conforming way and shall continuously change the remaining page contents.

We would like to emphasise that the Josef Raedlinger Group distances itself from any kind of discrimination – for us, it is your personality and your professional know-how that count. This principle is part of our corporate culture.

If you feel disadvantaged by the contents of this homepage, we would like to invite you to contact us by sending a message to